About Me

25 Facts about Me:

1.  I was married on 06/05/04 to Katy Baily.

2.  My daughter Lorelei was born on 8/26/08.

3. I graduated from Earlham College in 2000.  I majored in history. I met Katy a month before we both  graduated.  

4.  I spent the first semester of my senior year in Jerusalem as part of a peace studies program.  

5.  I dropped out of law school after 1 miserable semester.  

6. I also transferred to Earlham College from Millsaps college.  I loved the profs at Millsaps but had a very depressing social life due to all the very conservative students and 90% student body participation in the Greek system.

7.  I went to Millsaps because I wanted to study at a Methodist College in the deep south.  I was fasciniated with civil rights movement and thought Millsaps would be a great experience.   

6.  I spent three years as an organizer for SEIU.  I mostly helped low income   workers form unions; though my favorite assignment was working for the Chicago Hospital Accountability Project.  I helped organize patients whose financial lives (and real lives) were being destroyed by hospitals named Christ Hospital and Good Samaritian Hospital, etc.

7.  I have been arrested twice.  Fortunately both times were for civil disobedience.  I was arrested in 1997 at the School of America’s protest and in 2006 at a Justice for Janitor’s rally in Indianapolis.  

8. In college I worked as an intern organizer for the New Party on the southside of Chicago, which a young up and coming politician was a member. His name?  Barack Obama.

9,  During my stent as a New Party organizer, I got to see Chicago’s first living wage law passed and helped Ted Thomas win the 15th ward alderman’s race.   He was going up against the Daily machine and won! Of course, he pretty much sold out the machine.

10.  I have personally met Barack Obama twice.  When I was working for the Hospital Accountability Project, I was part of a press conference on a piece of legislation that he had co-sponsored.  The second time was when my father-in-law (an economist) spoke at a Chicago gathering for the “Hope Fund.”  In the room that day was Al Franken and Jim Wallis. 

11.  I have gone from being very conservative politically to being very progressive.  For some reason I started really paying attention to politics in 1994 and was wowed over by the Gingrich revolution.   I read and loved his book “To Renew America” and also read Richard Nixon’s last book.   Though I can’t stand neither now, I do wish we progressives adapted some of their hardball tactics and organizing skill. (I think Obama did this quite nicely). 

12.  I started to really change politcally because of my friends and church.  Our church did alot of mission work and it soon became apparent that there was so much poverty not largely because people were stupid and lazy but that the system was broken and stacked against them.  

13.  One of the most important experiences of my life was when I attended the Youth Theology Institute at Chandler School of Theology, Emory University in 1995.   This is also one of the reasons I ended up at Earlham—because three others (out of 60) went to Earlham.

14.  Michael Moore is my favorite filmmaker, closely followed by Spike Lee.  Both Roger and Me and Do the Right Thing came out in the same year.  

15.  I grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Though not the most progressive or cosmopolitian of places, I value my friendships from Brownsburg High School as some of the most important relationships in my life.  Plus, it was awesome growing up in a 1880 farm house surrounded by countless acres of fields.  

16.  I pretty much sucked as a substitute teacher.  

17. When I was studying in Jerusalem, my favorite experience was working as an intern for Rabbis For Human Rights.  

18.  The first decent CD I got was REM’s Out of Time.  I was a bit freaked out because my mom gave it to me for my birthday but our eighth grade music teacher told us that the album was satanic!  I also got U2’s Achtung Baby soon afterwards.  My two favorite bands growing  could be spelled out with 5 characters– U2/REM.  

19.  I cried every time I got cut from the basketball team (7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade).  Though I had the size to be good at football, I only played one year of jr. league football.  And I sucked and was afraid to get hit.  

20. I was on Brownsburg’s Academic Team.  Though the football/basketball teams weren’t too hot at BHS in 1996, our Brain Game Team kicked ass.  We should have run the tv tourney twice (choked!) and won every regional tournement  in central Indiana in 1995 and 1996.  I was the Scottie Pippen on the team though, not the Michael Jordan.  

21.   I was told in high school by the associate pastor at our church (and mentor) that I might be able to find a way to combine my work with the church, my growing social activism, and my family’s construction bussiness into some sort of calling.  It seems to be turning out way.  

22.  Before 2008 I had never been qouted in a newspaper.  Last year I was qouted in all three of Indianapolis’ major publications (Indianapolis Monthly, Nuvo, Indianapolis Star.)  

23.  I Am the layleader of a United Methodist church, a founder of the Earth House Collective, and an estimator for Oles Engineering.  

24.  I almost ran for Indianapolis city-council in 2007.  I was asked not to run by the Dems and glad I didn’t.  The party didn’t keep a single promise they made to me—but they did get slaughtered that year in the election.  

25.  My top five favorite places in Indiana are:  our Broad Ripple home, Tryon Farm in Michigan City, the Ohio River hamlet of  Bethlehem, Earlham College, and my family’s Brownsburg homeplace.


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. MIKE,
    PEACE & LOVE, J.

  2. Hey Mike, How does it feel to be a complete fraud!! and a liar!! Its funny how a supposed spiritual person, has all these heroes who had to lie and conceal the truth about who they really are to get elected and accepted. Obama…. Wallis……Van Jones…. Anita Dunn…. on and on and on…. do think for a minute if the liberal media had done, or would do the job they are entrusted to do tell the TRUTH, that these people would be in a place of power!!! NO WAY!!! Your religious beleifs have been bastardized… and you are another socialist-marxist!!! A complete sham!!!! Loser

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  4. I feel sorry for your wife and child… Having to live with a non-Christian who doesn’t realize that his values are the furthest from Christ’s teachings that any person can get.
    Those you abhor are the ones you should embrace and those you adore are the ones lying, living off your money and destroying our beloved country and constitution…
    If you really knew what you were talking about [in other words, done your research into the lives of those you adore] you cannot be considered a human being embracing their values…
    You seem to me to be the type of person who just sits in front of a TV swallowing and believing all you see and hear there without checking to see what is on the other side of that coin [agenda].
    All you need is a teeny bit of common sense to read between the lines and research and find out what part of the TV’s dictate is misleading…
    This President you embrace finds it more important to appear on the comedy show “The View” instead of addressing the Boy Scouts of America, as every President has done in the past… That may be an idea of the type of person you can respect, but true Americans will disdain.
    Grow up. Remove your blinders. The real world is passing you by.

  5. Progressive Christianity? Really? So you just use religion to trick people into being communist. You progressives will use anything to trick people or manipulate because your ideas are crap. No one will willingly give up thier freedom so you just guilt them into it by lying about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hey wait a second isnt that what you commies say about the constitution too? Its a living breathing document right? Well I am sorry you can not do that with the bible. It says what it says and if you try to twist it to fit your central government totalitarian world view you will have to pay for that when you are judged by God himself. God wants us to help others but not at the tip of a roman spear or Barack Obama’s gun. Individual freedom and equal justice not your Marxist crappy ideas that have never worked anywhere in the world. God wants us all to strive to be closer to him and be like him individually not be forced to him by some asshole who wants to control everyone. I think you need to reevaluate your relationship with God. I garantee Marx aint with God. He is in hell where he belongs along with Stalin, Mau, Hitler, and all the other crazies. Why would anyone pick these idiots to follow over the great (and proven to be great) ideas of our founding fathers who’s ideas were based in Jesus? I will pray for your mental illness called progressivism to be healed, and your idiotic 25 facts about yourself can be 26.

  6. Where your going I don’t wish to follow. God has prepared a place for people who tell lies and distort the truth. You call yourself a Christian yet you show no signs of the kind of man God calls us who follow him to be like. All of your friends like Bernadine Dorn and Bill Ayers and Van Jones know nothing of Godly love. All of you only know hate!
    America is on to you. I’m willing to take you on porky, and so is America…BRING IT ON!!!
    We have what you lack……God the Father! The one who blessed this great Nation!

    Mike Oles quote ”
    ” Glenn Beck caused a bit of a shit storm controversy when he said recently that one should leave their church if the church mentions “social justice” on their web site.

    Glenn Beck lives in Bizzaro World.”

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  8. have you even read the Bible?? socialism is the farthest thing form what Jesus showed -question-if socialism works sooo well why isn’t cuba,venezuela,or russia outpcing america in the economic area??why are they worse off then we are??? Jesus never forced anyone to do anything-yet your belief system would force me to pay for heath care i don’t want-would take peoples property thru eminent domain-God would be out of the public square the list goes on and on-you are a fake-a fake man being used by satan (if you even believe in him) -one other thing tell me what glenn beck has gotten wrong with the things he says or proves on his show??what exactly are the lies??? go on and refute them-you have no proof-just jealousy that he reaches so many with the truth-God protect him and be with him

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  10. Glenn Beck and a progressive liberal fantasy? No this really happened (but this time it was to a woman only speaking the truth):
    “They dragged her from her chariot and, according to accounts from that time, stripped her, killed her, stripped her flesh from her bones, scattered her body parts through the streets, and burned some remaining parts of her body in the library of Caesareum.” Year 415, Hypatia;
    philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician.
    Glenn Beck, lays out facts, is open to debate, will be the first one to admit if he made a mistake.
    So why this maniacal hate?

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