An Open Letter to Friends and Family who might be voting for Richard Mourdock

Friends and Family,

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock stated the following at a debate tonight:  “I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen.”

There are obvious political points to be scored here and Mourdock has also issued a statement trying to clarify his remarks.  It doesn’t matter. This statement and attitude is a gross misrepresentation of the Christian faith and the values shared by my fellow Hoosiers.

1 out of 6 women in America have been or will be a victim of sexual assault.  44% of victims are 18 or younger. You can read the disturbing numbers here.  I will be a father to three girls when our third daughter is born in December. Unless something dramatically changes, there is a coin toss’ chance that one of my daughters will experience sexual assault.

I would like Richard Mourdock to meet my friends who work in eastern Congo who told me that almost every woman she met had experienced sexual trauma.  This is how a filmmaker described the situation last year:

Like so many women survivors, she too was rejected when she and her two teenage daughters were raped by militia men. Her husband was murdered in front of her….

Her two daughters Rachel and Yvette were 15 and 13 years old, and both of them conceived children. Masika’s husband’s family rejected them and she brought her daughters and their babies to a market town hugging the shore of Lake Kivu to try and rebuild their lives.

These women are definitely brave and their children are children of God and they should be fully supported in facing such an uncertain future and violent past, but their rape and subsequent pregnancies were not part of God’s plan.  That is crazy talk.

In Indiana, our state’s female high school students have one of the highest rates of reported rapes and sexual assaults.  (17.3% in Indiana/10.5 nationally.) In Indiana, nearly 20%-3% above the national average of all women have been sexually assaulted or raped. Even scarier, half of sexual assaults go unreported.

These are just the stats, not the personal stories of friends and loved ones who have gone through this hell.

If you plan to still vote for Mr. Mourdock, you will be voting for someone who believes that rape, as horrible as it is, is part of God’s plan.    That is a voice and theology that we can’t afford to have in our Senate.




One thought on “An Open Letter to Friends and Family who might be voting for Richard Mourdock

  1. Thanks Mike! You bring local and global examples so Hoosiers can better understand how WRONG a vote for Murdock will be. It is scary for me to think we have our own Taliban type mentality right here on Indiana!!

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