Dietrich Bonhoeffer does not approve this message!

The above picture was posted on Facebook by something called Alliance Defending Freedom. Turns out it is just another right-wing Christian group that hates on Planned Parenthood, American CivilLliberties Union, etc.  Funny how a group called Alliance Defending Freedom thinks the ACLU is an enemy.

As I suspected, it turns out the ADF is a big fan of Eric Metaxes, who wrote a recent revisionary biography of Bonhoeffer recast as a conservative, evangelical Christian.  Somebody who would fit in perfectly with the nuttiest of American’s right-wing mega churches.  You can even watch a long-winded interview with the “biographer’ where he does his best to talk about Bonhoeffer out of context.

It also turns out that the good people at ADF pretty much equate Obama to Hitler and themselves to Bonhoeffer.

Anyways, this is how I felt when I saw this posted graphic today on Facebook.


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