Quilting Indianas

These Indianas were created by Heather Givans of Crimson Tate :: Modern Quilter.

I have been thinking a lot about Indiana and these Indianas this week.  It even prompted me to end my 1 year break from blogging.

This primary election was downright depressing.  The hate speech coming from the campaign ads created a sense of dread for me every time I would dare turn on the TV or radio.  It was truly sad that Richard Lugar was left for dead on the side of  a rural Indiana highway (or in a suburban cul-de-sac, by his own political party–a party that he made relevant by saving it from its worst instincts.

These Indianas also made me think of the Indiana United Methodist Church.   It just seems that the church paralyzed by the same forces that took down Lugar, who by the way is United Methodist.

Back to the quilted Indianas. The Crimson Tate website describes Givans art as “creating non-traditional patterned quilts with contemporary and vintage repurposed fabrics creating a modern twist. I think this describes where Indiana needs to go.

There is so much good from our past  and so much promising about the future and our current day possibilities.  Lets take what was great and beautiful from Indiana’s history and weave quilt it together with what is promising about the future and make something.

Make something happen.


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