May Peace Prevail On Earth

Katy and I made it back to Earlham last month for our ten-year reunion.  Most importantly, Lorelei, our two-year old daughter, was on campus for the first time.

I tried to explain to her during her campus tour that mommy and daddy would not have ever met if it was not for Earlham.   I don’t think she understood.

We spent some time at the Peace Pole.  She marched around it a million times and played ring around the rosy with it.

Technically, it’s on the Earlham School of Religion/ Bethany Seminary campus, but I walked by it ten times a day when I would walk from my house to the main part of campus.  Anyways,  It is  basically a pole and it promotes peace.   It says “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in many languages and I guess these poles are all over the place now.

I’m not sure if Lorelei will want to attend Earlham when she has to make that decision in fifteen years, but  I do hope that someday she will look at the picture of her as a two-year old and say, yes, peace prevailed on Earth.


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