Rev. Kev unbuckles the bible belt

I met Rev. Kevin Veitinger last year at the Emerging UMC conference.   My church, Lockerbie Central, hosted the conference in Indianapolis, and Rev. Kev and I quickly became friends.

Anyways, you should check his new blog out, “Unbuckling the Bible Belt:  IRREVERENT MUSINGS OF A PUNK DRUMMER TURNED PASTOR.

Rev. Kev lives and pastors  in Savannah, Georgia, a city where Methodism— or at least the Wesley brothers— first washed up on the shores of North America.    I’m sure Kevin will talk more about it in his blog but he has been working on ways to rethink church in this city where the Wesley brothers began to reformulate their understanding of faith and relationship with God.

Lets hope that the South Georgia Conference of the Untied Methodist Church gives him the support and resources he needs to succeed as a young and talented UMC pastor.

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