Was Dan Coats too conservative for even Dick Cheney? Was Dan Coats “obsessed with purging the military of all gays and lesbians”?


I was doing some quick research in response to a comment made on my blog post about Dan Coats when I stumbled upon this bit of information. 

It looks at one point, George W. Bush wanted to make Dan Coats, who might be the next Senator from Indiana,  the secretary of Defense.  Dick Cheney had to shoot down that idea.    Here is what Jeff Sharlett said about Dan Coats on September 11, 2008.  He is talking about Sarah Palin’s connection Dan Coats.

Sharlet: Dan Coats, to me, is what gives us the real truth about Sarah Palin. She can play this populist card, but she is after all a status quo candidate, and Dan Coats is the clue. Former Senator Dan Coats of Indiana is not the brightest bulb on the porch. He considered Dan Quayle his mentor. George Bush wanted him for secretary of defense until [Dick] Cheney vetoed him as too conservative–too obsessed with purging the military of all gays and lesbians.

Coats is nonetheless a canny politician, if not a great thinker, and has become one of the top advisers to the McCain campaign. The word is that it was Coats who was pushing very hard for Palin and was her champion, just as he was the champion of Justices Alito and Roberts.

Coats has long been connected with this group I write about called The Family. These are the folks who bring us the National Prayer Breakfast every year. They’re as unlike that kind of populist fundamentalism as you could imagine. They’re elite fundamentalism. They are polished, they are sophisticated, they are internationalist. And they are absolutely committed to ideas of Biblical capitalism and laissez-faire economics and neo-conservative foreign policy.

That’s the connection I think we see in Palin. If you look at the governor’s prayer breakfast that Palin presides over in Alaska, you see this remarkably authoritarian, really baldly dominionist, kind of theology. That plugs right into this group in Washington, which in a survey of 360 top evangelical leaders, was deemed the most influential Christian religious group in Washington, despite the fact that they rarely make the news because they’re behind-the-scenes operators.

Coats is the connection. Coats is the clue that tells us for all her populist performance, what Sarah Palin is really campaigning for is continuity of establishment power.

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