Dan Coats would be one scary Senator. Fun Fact: He is part of a fundamentalist “Christian” sect that has supported brutal dictators and believes that Jesus would have supported Hitler’s “leadership-style”

Dan Coats might be the next Senator from Indiana.  It would be bad news.

As documented in journalist Jeff Sharlet’s The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, Coats is deeply connected to a group of fundamentalist but elitist Christians operating in the highest levels of American politics and business.

How does Sharlet know this?  Dan Coats allegedly called him an “enemy of Jesus” when the former and would-be Indiana Senator traveled to Germany when Coats was the  U.S. ambassador there.

Members of The Family aren’t your normal American redneck fundamentalists.  As Sharlet writes, they aren’t “Bible thumpers portrayed by Hollywood, pinched little hypocrites and broad-brown lunatics, representatives of that subset of American fundamentalism that declares itself a bitter nation within a nation. ” In fact, this is how one blog describes The Family

Things are as they are in the world because that’s the way God wants them. The poor are poor because God ordained it to be so — a condition that they may have earned through disobedience to the creator. The powerful are powerful — be they murderous dictators or corporate polluters — because they are God’s chosen. Any regulated economic system, according to this theology, is less than godly, because regulation forestalls the exercise of free will.

No, this fundamentalism is for the well-to-do and members include a list of prominent Republican (and some Democratic) Senators, including Tom Coburn, James Inhofe, Jim Demint, Chuck Grassley, and  Sam Brownback.

The Ugandan legislator who is linked to the bill that calls for the execution of homosexuals is linked to this fun bunch.

Lets pray that Dan Coats doesn’t become the next US senator with ties to the Family.


3 thoughts on “Dan Coats would be one scary Senator. Fun Fact: He is part of a fundamentalist “Christian” sect that has supported brutal dictators and believes that Jesus would have supported Hitler’s “leadership-style”

  1. This kind of stuff is really off the wall. It starts out accusing Dan Coats of being a fundamentalist and ends up with charges of executing homosexuals in Uganda. One may disagree with Dan Coats’ politics, but deal with issues instead of unfounded accusations. How is “fundamentalist” being defined? It should be more than a perjorative label used to condemn a person. What are the religious beliefs of Dan Coats that qualify him as a fundamentalist? And if Coats is a fundamentalist how does this disqualify him for the U.S. senate. He has, after all, served the senate before and without a lot of controversy. This article is a good example as to the depths that civil discourse has disintegrated.

  2. Riley,

    Are you familliar with Sharlet’s work? It is very clear that Dan Coats has ties to The Family. I think this is a very important issue.

    Don’t you think it is a big deal to have a senator who is part of a powerful but under the radar Christian sect who has been historically and is currently tied to some of the worst regimes in the world when it comes to human rights and democracy?

    Don’t you think it is a big deal to have a Senator who holds truly bizarre, if not dangeorus religous beliefs?

    As i said earlier, Coats fundamentalism is not your typical fundamentalism
    As Jeff Sharlet wrote ” they’re as unlike that kind of populist fundamentalism as you could imagine. They’re elite fundamentalism. They are polished, they are sophisticated, they are internationalist. And they are absolutely committed to ideas of Biblical capitalism and laissez-faire economics and neo-conservative foreign policy.”

    It is also very clear that David Bahati, the member of Uganda’s parlament who last year nearly passed legislation that called for the death penalty of homosexuals in Uganda, has deep ties to the Family, which Dan Coats is a leading member of.

    So before you claim that this blog post is evidience of the disintegration of civil discourse, why don’t you do some of your own research and report back.

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