Can Optimus Prime and Transformers 3 save dead Indiana United Methodist Churches?

It looks like Hollywood has a found a good use for Indiana’s dead Methodist churches. 

 Last week, filming for Transformers 3 wrapped up in Gary, Indiana  and the filmmakers utilized both Gary’s casino and what once was City Methodist.  According to the Indianapolis Star, ” The ramshackle former Methodist cathedral likely was chosen for its war-torn look…”


One thought on “Can Optimus Prime and Transformers 3 save dead Indiana United Methodist Churches?

  1. Gary City Church is a United Methodist tragedy. It went from 3,000 members to zero in a period of about 15 years. It was built on faulty assumptions based on faulty theology and institionalism. In the 1920s someone (the resident bishop was involved) had the vision of a church that would minister to all people, labor, management, rich, poor, black, and white. It would replace neighborhood churches. Money was raised from the Board of Missions and from US Steel. Local persons added very little. It was built with a large social hall where all kinds of social activities were to be held for the whole city. It differed from most of the other Methodist churches who grew out of the frontier revival. Gary City Church was socially planned with all sorts of “experts” adding to the concept. The pastors who served it were called from a nation-wide pool. It had the best in liberal seminary education. The church had everything going for it but the Holy Spirit. It never reached the city. It did not reach the poor. It did not reach African-Americans. It reached the wealthy, business-types. It sought to be diverse but was not. It sought to be racially inclusive but was not. Its hollowed out shell is an embarrassment to United Methodism today. Riley Case

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