John Madden on Colts getting beat by Saints in last year’s Super Bowl

Football season is upon us.  Almost.  I’m still not over the Colts getting beat by the Saints  in last year in the Super Bowl. 

 The Colts had the better team but the Saints brought the attitude.  Anyway, ESPN’s Outside The Lines had a lengthy article about the long and interesting  history of the  Madden Football game.  It concludes with John Madden’s take on last year’s super bowl. 

Talk turns back to real football. The Super Bowl. Indianapolis versus New Orleans. In the first half, Saints coach Sean Payton went for a touchdown on fourth-and-goal, eschewing a “gimme” field goal. He opened the second half with an onside kick. Madden watched the whole thing from his California studio, incredulous and oddly transfixed. Even now, two months later, the old coach knows exactly what he was seeing.

“I was thinking, ‘S—,'” Madden marveled, “‘this guy is playing a video game!'”


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