On Moving to Brownsburg

Katy, Lorelei and I moved to Brownsburg, Indiana this weekend. 

A few things about this move. 

  • I grew up in Brownsburg.
  •   I can see the house that I grew up in from our back porch.  
  • 3/4 of our new property is surrounded by land that my parents own.   
  • We could play a baseball game and re-enact a Field of Dreams  game where ball players from the 1920s walk out from the cornfield.  Except this year it is beans. 

The move raises theological questions for me. 

  • What does it mean to relocate back to your hometown?
  •   What does it mean to leave the city? 
  •  What does it mean to move from a liberal neighborhood to a conservative suburb? 
  • Are people in the suburbs interested in social justice? 
  • What does social justice look like in the suburbs? 

3 thoughts on “On Moving to Brownsburg

  1. I see now why Christianity is losing the war between good and evil. People like you are so easily duped by Lucifer into doing his will. Not only have you become a traitor and an enemy of the United States you are also an enemy of Christ.

    It’s people like you, who have no knowledge of the truth and condemn those who do, that have allowed tyrants to murder hundreds of millions in the name of “Social Justice”. I fear that you will very soon hear the words “Depart from me you worker of iniquity for I never knew you”. Whereas Glenn Beck will most assuredly receive his eternal home in the presence of our Lord.

  2. Glenn Beck and a progressive liberal fantasy? No this really happened (but this time it was to a woman only speaking the truth):
    “They dragged her from her chariot and, according to accounts from that time, stripped her, killed her, stripped her flesh from her bones, scattered her body parts through the streets, and burned some remaining parts of her body in the library of Caesareum.” Year 415, Hypatia;
    philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician.
    Glenn Beck, lays out facts, is open to debate, will be the first one to admit if he made a mistake.
    So why this maniacal hate?

  3. Please read C.S Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters. It talks about how the devil can twist anything that seems good to evil. Social justice is one example the author uses. Social justice is not a new concept. The Progressives have been using this phrase since early 1900’s. Please understand that the Progressives stand in direct opposition to our founding fathers. They say our founder’s idea of government no longer is relevant. Please read The Real George Washington. It shows in Washington’s own words how he knew God was playing a part in this country and how it was set up. The Progressives need the Christians in order to grow government and they are perverting true justice.

    All I ask is that you pray for wisdom. I know God will lead us to the truth if we ask Him. I know He will lead us to do His will if we ask. Our country is at a crossroads. Please pray for America and her citizens. If we all turn back to God, our problems will be solved. Please put your relationship with Christ above everything. I need to do the same as well.

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