Wouldn’t Marcus Schrenker’s motorcycle be best displayed at the Indiana State Museum or Purdue University?

The Indy Star ran a story today about the auctioning off of Marcus Schrenker’s stuff, including the infamous motorcycle.

For those who don’t remember, Schrenker was the Indianapolis investment advisor/crook who tried to fake his own death last year by parachuting out of his $1 million plane and hopping on a stowed away motorcycle in Alabama.  The abandoned plane barely missed slamming into a Florida neighborhood.

Anyway, the auction is coming up at the end of the month.  I think it would be perfect  if one Indiana’s great institutions bought the motorcycle and put it on display.  It would look good at the state museum or the Indiana Historical Society—I mean what would better define the lost decade of the 2000s than Marcus Schrenker’s motorcycle! 

Or maybe one of Schrenker’s alma maters, like Purdue University or Merrillville High School, could buy the bike.  Purdue could put it in the student union or MHS in its cafeteria  as a warning to students. 

Don’t end up like this jackass. 

Just some thoughts.


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