A Church that Shows R Rated Movies

I am the layleader of a church, Lockerbie Central United Methodist, that has been accused of showing R Rated movies .

Technically, our church,Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church,  hosts a film series that has on occasion showed R-Rated films.

So yeah, guilty as charged.

Here is what we have screened:

Milk.  This 2007 biopic, winner of multiple Academy awards,  tells the story of Harvey Milk, who went from becoming a closeted adult gay man to the first openly public  gay man to win public office in the United States, when he was elected to San Francisco’s County Board of Supervisors.   Harvey was also an eloquent defender of  and fighter for civil rights for all people, senior citizens, youth, the labor movement, and neighborhoods.  He was assassinated in 1977. Rated R.

Do the Right Thing.   Perhaps one of the greatest films  made during the 1980s, Spike Lee’s  masterpiece  tells the story of heated race relations in a Brooklyn neighborhood on the hottest day of the year.  In this film, everything is up for discussion and twenty years later the film is still being celebrated.  Afterwards, local Christian blogger Maurice Broadus called the conversation the most honest conversation on race he has experienced inside a church building.  Rated R.

District 9.  This 2009 science fiction allegory, nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars, is a powerful exploration of post-Apartheid South Africa and post-colonial planet Earth.  Some F-bombs are dropped and some major blood is spilled, but this might be one of the most powerful sci-fi movies ever made.  A few attendees even cried as the movie ended.  Rated R.


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