Why Glen Beck Shouldn’t be dismissed

Glenn Beck caused a bit of a shit storm controversy when he said recently that one should leave their church if  the church mentions “social justice” on their web site.

Glenn Beck lives in Bizzaro World.

About anything he says is the exact opposite of what is reality.  Equating progressives with Nazis, etc.  I know this is Fox News 101 but he nor the network is not about honest scholarship or fair play.

At another level, Glen Beck is a genius and the perfect mouth piece for America’s flailing right-wing movement.  He is completely wrong but that’s not the point.  He (and Fox News), understands the power of authentic and costly community organizing.   They fear it and they want to dismantle it.  They want to snuff  it out before it even becomes an issue.

They know that they have the power to confuse and disorient with all their well communicated bullshit.  Their messaging  can hold up any legislation that benefits workers, minorities, low-income people, seniors, etc.  But when it comes to a street fight, the people who support Fox News have  no chance if everyday people are educated, organized and ready to fight.

That’s why Glen Beck went after the churches.

He knows that churches are a powerful voice when they organize together around neighborhood and working class issues.  They are at the heart of resisting the right-wing agenda if they organize.    It doesn’t happen often enough and most churches are stuck defending the status quo. But, look at what groups like the Industrial Area Foundation and Gamaliel Foundation.  They show what can happen when people the poor, the working class, and progressives unite.

But before Beck went after the churches, he went after SEIU and the progressive labor movement.  Before that he went after ACORN.  I turned on Glen Beck a few weeks ago and he was going after the ghost of Saul Alinsky and the community organizing efforts in Back of The Yards neighborhood in 1960s Chicago!

Glenn Beck is crazy but he has done his homework.  He understands community organizing better than your blue dog Democrat or mainline liberal.   He wants to wrestle it to the ground and strangle it.

Are we ready to fight back?


18 thoughts on “Why Glen Beck Shouldn’t be dismissed

  1. You can’t, and won’t, beat Beck. He gets more popular with every passing day…and there is a reason for that. He speaks the language of the people. If anyone is insane, it’s the democrats running this country…OH, and one more thing. I know the majority of the US agrees with me, which is why we’re gonna shift the Government to the right side this November. Happy voting 🙂

  2. I go to a Mega Church and have loved it for about 4 -5 yrs (always went to church my whole life).
    The last year—I keep hearing left leanings–here and there- that I have felt (even before Beck) are little seeds meant to be planted…(not the holy ones)..Not often..but sprinkles…

    Then I saw a staff member of my church..as a .blogger.. on the Huff Post “spiritual” Wallis website….
    My stomach sank…And the religion is even mixed in with a green message as well. I am so torn…Really religion and climate change??? How about the soul….
    Keep politics out of religion…Or is that when it only convienet for the politicians/social activists….
    I see alot of agendas and honestly….Glen may have been right….. There is a rason he is still on with #1 ratings… He calls it like he sees it..He just sees it before us… If these religious “emergent” church organisers keep at it…People will leave…The pit is in my stomach…. Googled names keep aligning themselves…
    I suggest people do some searching….Quick. I won’t have my donations going to some agenda in DC….. Or be used..

  3. Jesus never supported “social justice”. Jesus said there will always be ‘the poor’ and we are to be individually charitable. The hideous co-opting of the church is a tactic to establish socialism in America. Beck is right. The left cares NOT, but merely seeks to make minions of the poor as well as immigrants. It’s not just Glenn Beck who sees the truth. America is waking up and the abuse of the left and the fake leftist churches will be fully exposed. I’m ashamed of my past affiliation with democrats who are too stupid to see how they too have been turned into minions (as this poster has so clearly pointed out).

  4. Beck maybe Crazy to the people selling the bridge to socialism. The question should be who is evil and who is good. But i haven’t heard that question asked.
    Not asking the questions is evil and that is why you cant trust the liberal media because they have not asked the questions and brand everyone that calls this administration out a racist or right wing radical . No debate on the issues from the left just executive orders and broken promises. God Bless America (I Hope He Fails)

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  6. This is the problem with this country. Religion mixing with politics. If the churches in this country do not look to God for what is just, they will crumble to the ground. When I read articles on religious websites the use words such as “right-wing movement”, “progressives” , “SEIU”, “ACORN” and “Saul Alinsky” I know that this is not a religion that cares about God’s word.. Enjoy your religions demise.

  7. glenn beck rules!! his understanding of our american history, and his ability to present it, is uncanny. He is a true AMERICAN, fighting for our freedoms, and i thank God everyday to keep him safe! Religion and religious organizations should be on HIS side, the side of truth. Social Justice is wrong!! its completly unbiblical. Our freedoms and our founding documents were founding in religious teachings!! anyway, GO GLENN BECK!!

  8. Hmmm…. Beck has never once equated progressivism with being a Nazi. I have never missed a show in over a year and a half. That has never once been said. What has been demonstrated is the downright disgusting sickness of your political philosophy and moral code. I love Beck and the only thing I completely disagree with him on is religion, you see I am actually an atheist. What scares people like you is that he uses your own words, political history, etc. against you. You know that you only represent about 20%-25% of the population politically and that if you were truly honest about what you wanted to do with this country the majority of America would laugh you off.

    As an educator I have seen the damage you have done to this country and I am about fed up with it. Before you discount me as some right wing nut, know that my BA is in Political Science and my Master degree is in education, I’m well read on your history and know your truth. You will fail, your ideology will fail. It may take some time but we will right this ship that is America back on the right course. It took you guys 100 years to get us here, it’s going to take some time to move it back. That’s why Glenn Beck is so powerful, he believes that ALL Americans can learn and do their own research and that the truth will eventually set everyone free. A very John Stuart Mill argument for free speech if I do say so myself. By the way progressives of the early 20th century in education believed that people were stagnant in intellect and that the poor masses were too stupid to escape their own genetics and class. Don’t believe me do some research on who invented the IQ test and why it was invented.

    The only difference between the progressives of the early 20th century and the progressives of today is I don’t think you guys are as racist as you once were. At least you finally made some progress, growth in intellect, not so much.

    • Right on Brother! These progressives will fail due to thier own ideas because they are not rooted in truth. I just hope we can stop them in time for my kids to have the same great life I have enjoyed in the greatest country God ever created!!

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  10. As Christians we are commanded by Jesus to take care of the widows and the poor. I don’t remember Jesus saying give your money to the government and let them take care of the widows and the poor. That essentially is the difference between charity and social justice. When we give to charity, we give in response to what Christ did for us on the cross. Our material gifts should accompany the truth from the Bible. Does the government include the truth in their monthly welfare checks?

    I think there is some confusion as to the true meaning of social justice. Churches are blurring the line and confusing true charity calling it social justice. I pray that they realize what true social justice is. If you research social justice it is “giving that which he/she is due”. That is NOT charity.

    I am a Methodist and thank goodness, I have not heard any talk of environmentalism or eco or social justice. I am keeping my tithes within our church as the United Methodist Church stands for issues I do not agree with.

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  12. i feel sorry for you-you are the one living in bizarro world-Bible is the Truth of God-ex. God says it is an abomination for a man to sleep with another man-truth or lie??-if God never changes then where do people get the idea homosexuality is okay? if God cannot lie why would he ‘make’ people that way? Truth is he doesn’t-why would He promise salvation but take it away from them??no the problem is with people-we harbor sin in our hearts-God doesn’t make anyone do evil-they just try to shape God in their image

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  14. Yo, Mike! Why don’t you focus your spare time on making sweet FF trades instead of reading Replies by people that make the right angle look crooked (if that joke didn’t come across well on here, then don’t sweat it – just go to our league site and accept/counter my trade(s)).


    PS – Glen Beck is an Every Man just like you and me. You know why?! I’ll tell you! He makes an average salary (no more than 7 digits just like you and me!); he lives in a normal neighborhood (you know, one w/ a gated entrance that cops can’t even enter); and he attends church!

  15. Glen Beck is absolutly correct. We are losing a sense of our history and making things up as we go along, for what reason are we destroying our values.

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