Do United Methodist Churches truly preach and embody social justice?

Glen Beck said that  you should leave your church if your church preaches social justice.  Or if your church  has the words “social justice” on their website. 

Hacking Christianity blogged that “Glen Beck declares War on the United Methodist Church”  Now, Beck  didn’t mention us communists  United Methodists by name but as the aforementioned blog points out,  our social principles do declare that we are  supportive of social justice.  And John Wesley did say “the Gospel of Christ knows of no religion but social; no holiness but social holiness.” 

So round us up and send us to the nearest Blackwater run detention camp!

The social principles and John Wesley’s theology and vision are reasons that I have remained a leader at a United Methodist Church.    I have met many pastors who fight for social justice and they have been friends and mentors of mine.  That being said, my problem is that Glen Beck doesn’t really need to declare war on the United Methodist Church.  If all Methodists were to take the advice of Glen Beck, I doubt that too  many congregations would lose members.  There just aren’t that many churches that embody the church’s social principles.

We are good at buying overpriced malaria nets or sending health kits, but the church and most congregations do not offer a coherent or comprehensive agenda or an organized and sustained effort to confront economic injustice in real ways.  

Just sayin.


5 thoughts on “Do United Methodist Churches truly preach and embody social justice?

  1. First, thanks for the link.

    Second, I would point to the UMC’s continuing efforts for revitalization in New Orleans, years after other groups have left, as an indication that the UMC doesn’t just heal wounds, it sets into place structures that persist. And that’s a form of economic justice, in my view.

  2. Hi Jeremy,

    thanks for your comment. And I apologize for the amount of typos in my original post. I guess that is what happens when you don’t proof read 🙂

    I’d be curious about your take on the UMC in New Orleans. I have a freind and a member of our church who was was a UMC pastor in New Orleans during and after the hurricane. I hate to speak for her, but I think she might have some thoughts about the UMCs role in post-Katrina New Orleans.

    Plus, aren’t Bush and Cheney United MEthodists?

    I guess my whole original point is not a response to your post but a response to some of the convervative UMC knuckleheads out there who think the church is being run by the ghostsof Teddy Kennedy, Karl Marx, and Harvey Milk.

    My experience is that the church is hardly dominated by liberals and that us Methodists shouldn’t get too excited about our social justice efforts. We should be proud of parts of our history and proud of John Wesley,but on the whole we have jumped into bed with american military/industrial system; a system that is very good at creating social misery and injustice.

  3. I was a member of the Westwood United Methodist Church in New Jersey. I am now living in Utah and looking for another church. After reading your ignorant drivel, I now have to look at the Lutheran or GET READY – MORMON Church! Yes! You Van Jones Commie types in this church disgust me. My Mother is a very supportive UMC member – but after I speak with her, SHE WILL NO LONGER GIVE A FLAT DIME to your Cancerous “Denom”ination. PS if you IDIOTS have a way to get this to the new pastor of the WW UMC – Please forward this to him as I am sure he would like to speak to me about it.. I welcome the reply and look forward to tell all the others I know in the UMC to FLEE~! the communist in the Federal Government will soon take us over and YOU “THE UMC” will be part of the destruction and I cannot SUPPORT any organization that supprts MY DESTRUCTION – READ ATLAS SHRUGGED WAKE UP AMERICA! WE ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY COMMIE FILTH and It looks like the UMC is part of it.



  4. I agree wholeheartedly. We pat ourselves on the back because we go on a mission trip that does very little to really eradicate the causes of poverty but we certainly don’t advocate for the poor at the ballot box or anywhere else.

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