The real importance of school bus drivers

I am writing tonight from Christmas, Michigan, town surrounded by both the Hiawatha National Forest and frozen waves of Lake Superior. 

We had dinner tonight with  family friends. There are a bunch of people from Brownsburg, Indiana, my hometown, who come up here for the snowmobiling.  

Anyways, the subject of school bus drivers came up.

K., a succesful insurance man and the host of beef stew dinner tonight,  spent the first part of his career working as a school bus driver in our town as he built his business and needed the job for the insurance.  The stories were hilarious and afterwards S. said that K. was notorious for running the most disciplined school bus in the system.  My dad chimed in with his stories about his school bus drivers.   

It dawned on me how important school bus drivers are and how important good school bus driver jobs are.  I rode the bus to school everyday until I got my license.  From Kindergarten to 10th grade, I was on the bus twice a day.  Your 1st grade or 5th grade teacher might come and go, but you might see your bus driver everyday for six or seven years. 

In a world short on stability, a bus driver is like a mountain!  We need great teachers but we also need great bus drivers.  They might be old timers working for some retirement cash or farmers waiting for planting and harvest season or they might be salesmen needing the insurance, but having good, well tenured school bus drivers must have a wonderful impact on the community.


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