New Lenten Series at LCUMC: We Got the Dirt

Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church begins a new worship series on Ash Wednesday, which is tonight.  We named the series “We Got The Dirt: Walking with the God of Justice and Creation.”

Dirt is misunderstood.

Look it up in the dictionary.  Dirt literally “excrement.”     And, when someone says that to say that they got the dirt,  it  means that they have some  good gossip or scandalous information.

Here’s the dirt.  Dirt is good for us. Without dirt there is no life. No wilderness. No food. No creation. God is in the dirt.

Experts believe that the way we have treated dirt–like excrement–is directly related to the severity of our modern-day floods, drought, climate change, and even war. Inversely, scientists believe that the simple act of playing in the dirt boosts happiness and our immune system. Dirt might be the ultimate anti-depressant.

As our churches enter Lent, the forty days before Easter not including Sundays, we have traditionally viewed this season as a solemn time of prayer, sacrifice with a heavy dose of repentance  mixed in.  To repent, according to scripture, is to return to life in the presence of God, or “to go beyond the mind that you have.” This lent we seek this type of repentance.

We seek to see God in the dirt and in all that we call creation. We aim to walk a path that returns us to a life centered on God and with a great hope that what has been destroyed can also be healed.


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