A costly Lent or a cheap Lent

Lent starts today. 

I normally don’t like Lent.  It seems cheap.  We are told that we must repent and that we must give something up for Lent.  Outside of these forty days and five Sunday though, we are free to do what we want?  It just seemed cheap. 

After dong some research on John the Baptist  John the Baptizer, I discovered a new meaning for the word “repentance.”  “Repent for your sins” is a phrase normally screamed by street preachers or fundamentalists and that’s something I want very little to deal with.   For John the Baptizer, though,  repentance meant literally “to go beyond the mind that you have,”  “to return from exile,” and “to return to God’s presence.”   

I can definitely get with that. 

As I prepare for Ash Wednesday,  how do I begin to go beyond the mind that I have”? How do I return from exile and into God’s presence? How do I make repentance costly and not cheap?

I’ll keep blogging.


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