Getting over the Colts Super Bowl Loss

It is just a football game played by highly paid professional athletes. 

Both Indianapolis and New Orleans are beset by huge economic and social problems that will not be fixed by a  mere Super Bowl victory or victories.   And, it has been less than a month since an earthquake devastated Haiti and left 200,000 dead and 1.5 million homeless.  

That is what I keep telling myself. 

Okay.  I really need to get over the Colts losing the Super Bowl.

I love the Indianapolis Colts.  I loved them when them during the Mike Pagel, Gary Hogeboom (though i guess he was a scab, which isn’t cool), Jack Tradeau, Chris ChandlerJeff George, and Jim Harbaugh eras.  I cried when Steve Emtman blew his knee out and the only time I missed following a Colts game during the Peyton Manning era was when I spent a semester in Jerusalem during the fall of 1999.

I never imagined that the Colts would win a Super Bowl and be the  team with the most wins of any decade.

  Still, we just should have a few more Super Bowl rings.

Time to move on. 

Though, it looks like the Colts are the favorites to win it all next year..


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