Obama = Peyton Manning, Evan Bayh = Curtis Painter

It is finally Super Bowl week for us Indianapolis Colts fans!

Peyton Manning’s amazing 2009 football season last week was turned into an apt metaphor for Democrats by John Stewart last week on the Daily Show.

After showing clips of Republican senators ripping President Obama and urging him to move his agenda to the mythical “center”, Stewart responds “no team is taking advice from the opposing team’s coaching staff.  Ooh, he threw an interception? You might as well bench Peyton Manning!”

This is exactly what Democrats are doing in the wake of the Scott Brown fiasco.   And leading the charge? Our own Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.  After Stewart makes his Peyton Manning remarks, the Daily Show goes to an Evan Bayh clip:

“Moderates and independents in a state even  as liberal as Massachusetts aren’t buying our message.”

Here is John Stewart after showing Bayh’s cowardly remarks:  “They took the bait, they are warming up Curtis Painter.”

Yeah, Curtis Painter sucked this year.  But guess what?  He was a sixth round draft pick and a rookie and playing with third stringers!  Bayh has been in the senate as long as Petyon Manning has been in the NFL and has nothing to show for it.  At least Bayh’s wife has made $2 million as a board member of Wellpoint, a giant health insurance company. (Bayh is against a public option and has helped derail healthcare reform.

And Obama?  Obama is Peyton Manning.   Obama became the first Democrat to win Indiana since 1964 and in 2008 helped elect a strong majority of Indiana Democrats to congress.  Bayh’s political operation sided with Hillary Clinton in the primary and spent most of the 2000s sucking up to disastrous George W. Bush agenda.


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