The Road To Fondwa and the Road To Justice.

200,000 people may be dead in Haiti  and we showed a movie.

Last night we had an emergency screening of  The Road To Fondwa at Earth House and Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church.  It is a  powerful documentary that highlights the town, spirit,  and vision of the  people of Fondwa, Haiti.  Filmed a few years before the earthquake, what is happening and happened in Fondwa could and should be used as a model of sustainable development and social justice.

For instance, this is the mission statement of the Peasants Association of Fondwa:

APF envisions a new rural Haiti, one which is populated with sustainably and holistically developed communities that actively promote the civil and human rights of the poor.  APF’s daily work is dedicated to making this vision a reality by empowering and enabling the poor to become their own agents of liberation.  Together, APF and the peasants have created basic infrastructure, health care, financial services, agricultural training, and primary, secondary, and university-level education to the residents of Fondwa.  These opportunities do not simply improve the current quality of life in Fondwa, rather they strengthen community relationships by preventing the migration of rural youth and providing community leaders with access to continue to develop their own community.

That statement is at the heart of the Road to Fondwa.  As progressives and concerned citizens in America we must do all we can to help Haiti.   We must in the long term we must find ways to be in authentic solidarity with the people of Fondwa and Haiti and understand that by helping we must  ultimately help by empowering and enabling “the poor to become their own agents of liberation.”

This is at the heart of The Road to Fondwa.  It might be the most important film you watch about the past, present, and future of Haiti.

You can watch it in its entirety here.

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