Book Review: Catch: Attracting And Connecting Visitors

I recently picked up Catch:  Attracting and Connecting Visitors, written by Adam Hamilton and Debi Nixon

Hamilton is a superstar in the United Methodist world; having founded suburban Kansas City’s Church of the Resurrection, one of the largest Methodist churches in the country.  They have 15,000 members. 

I’m skeptical of mega-churches and leery of large churches in affluent suburbs.  

I also don’t like the cover or name of this book.  Really?  A  fishg hook.  Do you know what they are going to do to that poor fish? Cut its guts out, fry it up and eat it!   Yay for attracting and connecting visitors! 

Okay, I’ll stop with the church-hate. 

This is actually an important read for those in the church leadership world,  doubly important for those involved with struggling churches and/or churches that might have a future. 

Sure, Catch should be a no-brainer.  For instance, “don’t have your nursery smell like dirty diapers and mildew.” I guess it is not a no-brainer because Hamilton talks about a visit he made to the church with the dirty diapers after that congregation’s pastor invited him there so that he could view the church  through the eyes of a first time visitor.   

As a leader at a small church with potentially a big future, Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church, Nixon and Hamilton (sounds like a really, scary, presidential ticket!) lay out a strong, practical vision  and to-do list for growing a church that makes sense for first time visitors.  

Plus, Church of the Resurrection purpose statement is a keeper:

To build a Christian community where nonreligious  and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. 


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