Quick Thoughts on the Book of Basketball

Whatever happened to the NBA?

Growing up, there was nothing better.  Bird. Magic. Jordan. And Reggie Miller for us Indiana peeps.  It was fantastic even though I always felt the refs sucked.

I spent the few days after Christmas reading Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball.  I started recently reading his blog  again after hating him because of the unfair crap he said about Peyton Manning.  A few weeks ago, he wrote this:

…Peyton Manning is clutch. He’s a champion. He’s the heart of the Colts, and for all we know he’s coaching them, too. You cannot wager against him, especially in night games. He’s the most important player in football. Take Manning off the Colts and they disintegrate into dust. If that’s not enough, he has proved to be a likable, engaging guy with a sense of humor. Damn it all.

All is forgiven.

The Book of Basketball is a lot of fun and a must read for anyone interested in winning basketball.   If there is a thesis working here  it is that succesful basketball involves “The Secret.” What’s the secret?  Watch Teen Wolf to find out.

Plus, it might be some of the most honest sports writing about Indiana basketball you might ever read.


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