Saying Goodbye to a friend….

I had a friend who died this week.

He was diagnosed with cancer mere months ago.

He knew it did not look good but kept working.  Never complained.

Sean was only in his mid forties.  This was a surprise. When he told us he didn’t seem sick.

A few weeks ago he called me from his hospital bed in Chicago.

He played in our fantasy football league and could not get to a computer. He called me up and I switched up the lineup for him.  That week he had missed attending his first Colts home game in sixteen years.   Well second,  he said that he miss a game years earlier for a work meeting. He still was mad about it.   He made it down to the Hoosier/RCA Dome and  Lucas Oil Stadium for every Colts game, a streak that dated back before Peyton Manning and even Jim Harbaugh.  He even met his wife at a Colts game.

Sean was funny, hard working, open minded, and kind.

He will be missed.


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