Remembering Christmas Eve 2009…Happy Xmas (War is Over)

It was one of the most meaningful experiences I have had during a Christmas eve service.  It wasn’t during the actual service but in the tuneup prior to the service.

The musicans at Lockerbie Central United Methodist were practicing the finale for the service, John Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over).

It sounded awesome.

As the musicians were finishing up the practice, Steve, who was volunteering to run the sound system that night, came up to the stage and said:

That song came out in 1969.  Right in the middle of the Vietnam War.  Things were terrible and depressing.  And that song was so powerful.

Each year I wait to hear that song. Tonight was the first time this season that I have heard it.

It means so much to hear it tonight.  Thank you.

He was in tears.

I have been going to Christmas eve services for decades now–well three decades. I can’t remember a single thing from any of those services.

I will always remember what Steve said that night.

By the way, Happy Christmas. War is Over.  If you want it.


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