2010 Wrap Up: A Bad Year for Indy’s fake rich

Things got a bit strange this year for Indianapolis’ most annoying citizens. I’m talking about Indy’s super rich.

They get a bunch of press for being so smart and so rich and for being such leading citizens. And then it implodes.

Ask Steven Hilbert. Back in the day he had most of the good people of central Indiana believing he could walk on water. At one point he was the highest paid CEO in the country, making a $100 million a year.

Last week, the price of his former mansion got cut in half from its original asking price of $25 million.

That’s old news though. 2009 gave us the saga of Marcus Shenker and Tim Durham.

Marcus Schrenker made national headlines earlier this year when he tried to fake his death by crashing his $1.5 million airplane after he had parachuted out. Luckily, the abandoned plane missed a residential area by 50 yards. He lived in a $3 million house and flew a $1.5 million plane.

News broke last week that Tim Durham’s offices were being raided by the FBI. Like Shrenker, Durham was another central Indiana dude who thought he had things figured out. He partied with Penthouse and Playboy centerfolds, gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to local Republicans, had a garage full of fancy cars, and was worth tens of millions of dollars on paper.

Like I said, it was a bad year for Indy’s fake rich.




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