Unintentionally Creepiest (and saddest????) Christmas Movie

I wrote last week about an inappropriate movie clip to show in church. I was feeling a little frustrated after attending a high income church that had pretty much skipped through the third week of advent and replaced John the Baptist with a bunch of super nostalgic Christmas movie clips.

Oh well.

Anyways, it got me thinking about Jack Frost, a late 1990s film where a kid’s uninterested dad dies and comes back to life via snowman to make things right.

So yeah, its totally sad that this kids dad never spent time with him and then he died.

And then things get downright bizarre. And creepy.  As mentioned, dad comes back as a magical snowman.  Weird. And really sad if you think about it.


One thought on “Unintentionally Creepiest (and saddest????) Christmas Movie

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