Walking the labyrinth With Lorelei

Katy and I returned to her hometown–well home county–for Thanksgiving.  It was the first time we had visited her dad and step mother  at their suburban Washington D.C.  house since they built a labyrinth in their front yard.

Seriously, a labyrinth?  In the front yard?

Turns out Katy’s step mom has always been into labyrinths.   Back in the day she would go out into the woods and make them out of sticks.

I hadn’t paid much attention to labyrinths until we used one in worship service last Advent to tell the story of Mary. It was a powerful experience and I walked it with Lorelei as a four month old, imagining  and meditating on the life of a 1st century life of a peasant Palestinian Jewish girl, pregnant and unmarried.

Here, on the day after Thanksgiving, Lorelei got to walk play in a labyrinth.  At 15 months, it might be some time before she gets around to  reading books like Labyrinths for the Spirit: How to Create Your Own Labyrinths for Meditation and Enlightenment, but it is quite amazing that one of the traditions she will have is walking the labyrinth at grandad’s and Grannie Vic’s house.

In a world sometimes lacking love, Lorelei is lucky to have three sets of  wonderful grand parents.  And especially lucky to have grandparents who have a labyrinth in their front yard.

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