The Deep tradition of Prayer with Libation

At our All Saints Day worship service last night, we at Lockerbie Central United Methodist used an Africana Prayer with Libation.   On a day when we celebrate those who have walked the journey before us and with, this prayer connected our church with the deep tradition of our faith.  

It was an emotionally powerful exprience. 

 According to Wikipedia,  “A libation is a ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a god. It was common in the religions of  antiquity, including Judiasm.”    Last night after reading through this prayer, people came up to a bowl in th middle of worship semi circle  and poured out a small amount of water as they called out the name of a loved one, a personal hero,  or prayed in silence. 

Such a simple act allowed our faith community to connect deeply with the best traditions of our church.  It is a prayer that most of us won’t forget.


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