Job’s One Thousand donkeys or Sh&%$%&*$%T Happens

The Revised Common Lectionary finishes up the book of Job this week.  Job 42:1-6 and 10-17 proves to us that there are such thing as happy endings. From the scripture:42:10 And the LORD restored the fortunes of Job when he had prayed for his friends; and the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.” God even gives Job 1000 donkeys.

There might not be better prooftexting for the prosperity gospel than this very verse.

Last night in our Tuesday night gathering at Lockerbie Central UMC, our most tenured member might have summed it up best.  “I’ve read Job.  I don’t think it justifies any type of suffering.  I think what it says is that SH*T Happens!”

He went on to ask, what about Job’s dead children?  It does them or Job no good that Job is ultimately rewarded for his “patience.”

Job is a tough, complicated book.  It is so easy to settle on simple answers.  I like what Marcus Borg writes about it in Reading the Bible Again for the First Time,”Is there such a thing as religion unmoitivated by self interest?  What would it mean to take God seriously not as a means, but as the ultimate end.”


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