Organize Your Own Movement! My problem with the far left.

The far left is starting to really bug me.  I like Noam Chomsky just as much as the next guy, but get a grip!

The following is from a column on Common Dreams entitled “After Obama”: “President Obama has become the personification of the very Bush administration policies that Candidate Obama so roundly criticized.”

Is this guy crazy?  (He seems like a nice enough guy on his website.)  But comparing Obama to Bush is almost as zany as comparing Obama to Hitler.

Anyway, here is Mr. Chomsky on a post 2008 election wrap up on Demoracy Now:

It’s brand Obama. That his army was mobilized to bring him to office. They regard that as a good thing, accepting the Lippman conception of democracy, the ignorant and meddlesome outsiders are supposed to do what they’re told and then go home.

the tremendous grassroots army that has been developed, which is now waiting for instructions. What should they do next to press forward Obama’s agenda?

I am a big fan of Chomsky.  I get where he is coming from.  Obama will probalby fall short of creating utopia.

But where is Chomsky’s “tremendous grassroots army”?  As brilliant as Chomsky is,  he wasn’t able to beat back Nixonism or Reaganism or Bushism.  I’m not sure if Chomsky could get legislation passed at the city council level.

Prophetic works and words are not enough. It is a start but it takes getting your hands dirty and fighting back.

And that’s why Obama won the election. Not because voters were “uninformed consumers” but because they wanted change and went out and organized to get it.


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