A Safe Place

Last night at Lockerbie Central United Methodist/ Earth House, we screened At The River I Stand.  This powerful (but old-fashioned) documentary tells the story of the 1967-1968 Memphis sanitation strike.  It was during his work to support this strike that Martin Luther King was assassinated.

But that’s not the point of this post.  After the movie last night a woman came into the church and needed help.

We get a lot of requests for help (but have few financial resources.) Admittedly, I have become a bit skeptical.  It took me a while to get there.

She had graduated from college recently, grown up in the suburbs.

She was also pregnant.

And homeless.  Had spent a long time spleeping in her car.

She had a job too but her husband was beating her.

She needed gas money to get out of town and get to her parent’s house.

She had  driven  by our church and saw our Earth House banner.  And felt a bit of hope she said. It made her feel safe.

She hung out with Jenxie–our vegetarian chef– that afternoon.  She said Jenxie made her feel safe.

We gave her gas money.

Hopefully, she made it home.


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