Happy Birthday to Lorelei!


Lorelei and Aunt Lizzie, Age 1 day

Lorelei C Oles, 11 monhs old

Lorelei Oles, age 11 monhs old

Lorelei and her friend Max, 11 months

Lorelei and her friend Max, 11 months

My daughter, Lorelei Catherine Oles, was born one year ago today.  She arrived in this world at 10:37 PM, Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

Katy, her mom and my wife, had been in the hospital for 36 hours before the decision was made to have a c-section.  There is so much I remember that night:  the love I felt for Katy,  the feeling of total exhaustion and hunger (and all I had to do was stand there and be supportive!), how surreal the operating room was  in the middle of the night, the fact that I didn’t faint, and, finally, how beautiful it was to have the love and support of our families.

I will never forget hearing Lorelei cry for the first time and then holding her for the first time, only a few minutes later.   I went out to the waiting room about five minutes after her birth  and exclaimed  “she is awesome!” to her grandparents and aunts and uncles.

Lorelei has been a healthy baby –only a couple of ear infections–and is super adventurous and curious about the world.  She loves being outdoors and waves hello to about everyone.  She sleeps through the night most days and has an  addiction to blueberries.  Her sense of humor is well developed and thinks it is hilarious to pull  little tricks on her parents and grandparents.

So, now, I am just being one of those annoying parents who brag about their kids.  It’s hard not too as proud parent.    Happy Birthday Lorelei!


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