5 Thoughts on District 9

Katy and I saw District 9 last night. It might not be a perfect movie but could go down as of the best science-fiction movies ever made.  And if not, its way better than Transformers 2.

1.  This is the movie that post-colonial writers like Edwidge Danicat, Chinua Achebe, or Edward Said might make if they only had gone to a few more Gen Cons.  The idea of home and homeland is at the middle of postcolonial literature and some of the most arresting images from the movie are about not being able to go home.  Christopher Johnson, the alien hero of the movie, tells his son that they won’t make it back to their home planet, where they have nine moons, but they might get a nice tent in the new relocation camp concentration camp at District 10.

2.  Where are the District 9 action figures?  It looks like a customized figure is going for big dollars on ebay! And what kid wouldn’t want a District 9 slum for Christmas?

3.  I thought the ending sucked.  It goes  E.T. on us.   It also sets us up for a sequel, which weakens the original movie.

4.  I don’t remember ever seeing an alien movie that lets you see from the point of view of the alien.  It happens in District 9 and is a bit disconcerting.  This tact allows you to explore the viewpoint of the “other.”

5.  Too bad these slums aren’t sci-fi.  They exist and that might be the scariest part of the movie. By 2030, 1 out of every 3 humans may live in a slum.


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