Fiji Water=Water of Death

I’ve weened myself off the water bottle habit (we’d buy a few cases of Ice Mountain from Costco) after I heard about books like Bottlemania: How water went on sale and how we bought it. This month’s issue of Mother Jones magazine takes the debate up another notch with the article “Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle.”

Celebs can’t get enough of this stuff! Obama has been photographed drinking it and Fiji has gotten support from even well known progressives like Arianna Harrington and Laurie David. Also count in Al Gore and Mos Def.  One Manhattan hotel only puts Fiji water into its dog bowls!  In fact, Fiji is now the U.S’ leading imported water brand.  (How crazy is that! Buying water from halfway around the globe).

Read the article but here are a couple of quick facts:

  • Lonely planet warns travelers to the town where Fiji water is bottled that the tap water “has been deemed unfit for human consumption,” and groceries were stocked with Fiji Water going for 90 cents a pint—almost as much as it costs in the US.”  Shops in this town, Rakiraki, advertise cheap coffins.
  • Fiji Water shelters its assets in tax havens like Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. It pays no taxes to the people of Fiji.
  • Though Fiji Water brags about its carbon footprint and charitable giving, it is basically in cahoots with the dictatorship of Fiji and its advertising budget dwarfs any charitable giving.

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