A Christianity Worth Believing?


Doug Pagitt rolled through Indianapolis on Monday night as part of A Christianity Worth Believing (paperback) book “infomercial” (his words)/Live Occurrence tour.  It was his third visit in the last three years to Lockerbie Central United Methodist and the Earth House Collective.

Last summer, Doug, Tony Jones, and Mark Scandrette stopped by with The Church Basement Roadshow.  It should be noted that Doug’s book Church Re-Imagined was an inspiration for Lockerbie Central UMC as we took on the challenge of resurrecting our church.

This was a long show on a Monday night.  The room was packed, the show lasted two hours and nobody left early.  Here is a picture from my iphone:


There’s much that can be written about the night, but check out Maurice Broaddus‘ take on the night.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Doug used this quote a few times from Mark Twain: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just aint so.”  Yep, pretty much sums up our problems.
  • The emergent church isn’t dead, thank you very much.  It is very much alive and thriving. It might be our best last hope. A bunch of critics have tried to bury the emergent church recently.  Like this one last year. Or, more recently, this one.   The old ways of doing church don’t work and people are hungry for a community that is based on conversation, justice, mercy, and friendship.
  • The conversation that happened on Monday night can’t stop there. Let’s keep getting people together and make our presence felt here in Indianapolis.

One thought on “A Christianity Worth Believing?

  1. Attention ECers,

    Your leaders say they are not sure what the Bible is really all about. They say the traditional church has failed. They walk in the mist instead of in the knowledge of God’s word. Doug once said that all people have the same afterlife experience despite their religion…

    The Bible has all of the answers to your questions and it is not difficult to understand. Why do many of you believe the Bible is difficult? Because it teaches that God is sovereign and you are not… Many of you want to do your own thing and get a stamp of approval from a god.

    Jesus made it very clear. He said that His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. All other are not of His pasture. What does following Him mean? It means living consistently with what the Bible teaches and conforming to the image of Jesus as God sanctifies you.

    The Bible is not difficult. Humbly bow to God through His Son, Jesus. Ask God to show you Himself via His word. There is no plan B, C, or D. You cannot serve your fleshly desires and God simultaneously. Either you will love one and hate the other…

    Repent ye therfore and be converted so that your sins may be blotted out…


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