Obama, workers’ rights, and Keeping Indiana Blue

President Obama was in Indiana on Sunday for the Notre Dame commencement and for some Indy fundraisers.  

The video above is from the Keep Indiana Blue fundraiser.  In his speech, Obama recognized the hotel workers at the Westin who are organizing a union.  Pretty impressive that the President cares enough about low wage workers to make a strong point about their rights when the local politicians have spent the last few years ignoring this labor struggle and that of Indianapolis’ commercial janitors.    

Indiana is becoming increasingly Democratic despite the lackluster local party.  I think there is a lesson here from President Obama.  Support the little guy and support grassroots efforts.  Support low wage workers when they organize!  Do that, and you can win elections.  

Mayor Bart Peterson and the county party lost the 2007 Indianapolis mayor election for many reasons.  But, most importantly, Peterson never really got behind the grassroots.  He never openly supported the important Justice for Janitors campaign, never made any inroads into the inner city-except to gentrify it– and never helped out the hotel workers. 

If Indiana is to be kept blue, follow Obama’s lead and not Peterson’s or his “centrist” buddies.


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