Some Thoughts on Star Trek

Ok.  Haven’t updated the blog in a week.  I was hoping to do numerous posts a week.  Bad writer’s block I guess.

Anyway, I saw Star Trek this weekend and nothing like a quickie movie review to get the words flying.  Anyway, here is the New York Times review of the movie.

This was the first Star Trek film or tv show that I have seen since 1999.   (My Palestinian host family watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on prime time television, which was followed by Walker: Texas Ranger.)

Here are 3 quick thoughts about the movie:

1.  This movie is 100X better than the Star War prequels.   Can we just pretend Phantom Menace and those other movies don’t exist and have JJ Abrams restart that franchise?

2.  I still don’t quite get time travel, alternate universes, etc.  As one commenter on the New York Times review asks, “Could someone please tell me what Spock was doing in that cave?”

3. I wonder why sexism hasn’t been cured by the time we get to intergalactic travel?  All the dudes were wearing practical space gear and the females on the Enterprise were wearing some pretty short skirts!


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