Colts Fans for the Arts!







The local arts scene here in Indy is in crisis.  Here is Nuvo’s  David Hoppe on situation:

This, increasingly, describes the corner where Indianapolis’ cultural scene finds itself, as it looks as though last year’s cut of $500,000 to the Arts Council’s budget was just the beginning. More will almost certainly go once the Capital Improvements Board finally arrives at a formula for cutting its stadium-induced deficit. And Wall Street’s meltdown has led to severe puckering of philanthropic dollars as the investments that power endowments have undergone major downsizing.

The Colts are the biggest show in town and our fine city has made sure that they got whatever they needed.  (When you are the 28th ranked media-market in the country the NFL  is an an expensive hobby.)  

Attacking the Colts isn’t going to solve the problem though.   We need to out organize (or team up?) with those in Indy’s sports/Industrial complex.   The Colts get this funding because they have built a stronger, faster, more sophisticated political and communication operation.  

Anyway, it looks like is on to something:  

WHO: Cultural destination employees, boards, supporters, and others who believe that Indy Culture Matters

WHAT: A rally to draw attention to the contributions of our cultural institutions and to demonstrate that these organizations have a significant impact on Central Indiana’s economy and reputation

WHERE: Monument Circle, downtown Indianapolis

WHY: Central Indiana’s cultural institutions have been sidelined in this city’s success for too long. It’s time to make some noise. 



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