And You Thought Job had it bad…

Japanese man confirmed

as both a survivor of

of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Tusutomu Yamaguchi survived the bombing of Hiroshima.   He was less than two miles from ground zero when the bomb hit.    Yamaguchi suffered terrible burns and temporary blindness (and has since suffered greatly from the radiation).  He had just arrived in the city for a business meeting that  fateful morning.

And then it got worse.

The man was able to make it home the next morning.  His home?  Nagasaki.  

 In a bitter twist of fate, Yamaguchi was again 3km from the centre of the second explosion. In fact, he was in the office explaining to his boss how he had almost been killed days before, when suddenly the same white light filled the room. “I thought the mushroom cloud had followed me from Hiroshima,” Mr Yamaguchi said.

From the same UK Independent newspaper interview, Yamaguchi offers us a warning:  “”I can’t understand why the world cannot understand the agony of the nuclear bombs,” he says, speaking through his daughter. “How can they keep developing these weapons?”


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