No Texting/Facebook for Lent?

Not such a bad idea…

I have been a bit annoyed about the whole giving up Facebook and texting for lent phenomenom.  A) It seems cheap. B) Why give up something that creates or at least enhances community?

But I think I have changed my mind.  Check the video out here.

The segment from ABC nightly news follows a family going through the Lenten season.  Mom gives up chocolate and teenage daughter gives up facebook.

And it works.   The absence of online social networks  allows the teenager to  develop  deeper, non-virtual relationships with her friends and family.  By giving up online community real community deepens.

And if Lent and ultimately Easter is about anything, it is about the deepening of meaningful community.

I’m not giving up facebook or internet any time soon, but lets not forget that the internet can’t be a substitute for real life community.


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