If Angelina Jolie wanted to really save the world perhaps she should stop making movies like WANTED



While on vacation this week, my wife watched the Angelina Jolie/Morgan Freeman movie WANTED.  It was cheap and we felt like watching an action movie.  The movie is basically a Fight Club/Matrix/Spiderman knockoff  and not much more than that.

It was shocking how much the movie is based on the myth of redemptive violence.  According to WANTED,  all the world’s problems can be managed through selected assassinations.  And when that goes haywire—we get mass suicide (Angelina Jolie playing the Christ figure with a gun) and more assassination.

Anways, a good-doer like Angelina Jolie should know better than to make movies like this.  She should probably read a little from theologian Walter Wink:

No other religious system has even remotely rivalled the myth of redemptive violence in its ability to catechise its young so totally. From the earliest age, children are awash in depictions of violence as the ultimate solution to human conflicts. Nor does saturation in the myth end with the close of adolescence. There is no rite of passage from adolescent to adult status in the national cult of violence, but rather a years-long assimilation to adult television and movie fare.


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