No Triangulation, please.

The failure of Clinton-ism.

As Democrats are poised to take power in Washington, The New York Times offered a stern warning about the price of power in this Sunday’s newspaper.  

Though, Republicans are largely to blame for the financial crisis, it appears that many Clinton Democrats hands aren’t quite so clean.   And this is what is worrisome; Bill Clinton might have been the best Republican president.  No Republican could have gotten major components of the Republican economic agenda trough Congress.  Clinton passed NAFTA and “welfare reform” where no GOPer would have even hoped and no one was better at keeping Wall Street happy while paying lip service to grass roots constituents. 

The word “triangulation” became a buzz word during the Clinton era.  And lets hope that word does not make a comeback during the Obama presidency. 

Cisneros as metaphor

The disasterous pitfalls of triangulation can be seen clearly this Sunday’s front page profile of former San Antonio Mayor and Clinton era Housing and Urban Development secretary Henry Cisneros.   

A grandson of Mexican immigrants and a former mayor of this town, Henry G. Cisneros has spent years trying to make the dream of homeownership come true for low-income families.

 As the Clinton administration’s top housing official in the mid-1990s, Mr. Cisneros loosened mortgage restrictions so first-time buyers could qualify for loans they could never get before.

Then, capitalizing on a housing expansion he helped unleash, he joined the boards of a major builder, KB Home, and the largest mortgage lender in the nation, Countrywide Financial — two companies that rode the housing boom, drawing criticism along the way for abusive business practices.

Let’s just hope that Obama can remember that he was brought to Washington to create real change and not triangulate. 

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