Sarah Palin, Community Organizng, and the church

Back to the Sarah Palin-community organizing dust-up.

Thomas Geoghegan’s Which Side Are you On? Trying to Be for Labor When It’s Flat On Its Back is a great read. I read the book back in 1998 when I spent a summer as a community and political organizer.  What I most remember about the book is the author’s view on the relationship between workers and liberals.  Workers beat up liberals.  And that is why we got 20 years of  Reagan and the Bush Family.

Anyways, he has an interesting post on today about community organizing.  He writes:

I am not a community organizer, but as a union-side lawyer, I know a few of them. Of Sarah Palin I know nothing except her lack of grace. She lashed into Barack Obama after a week in which he was the only public figure to defend her against the press, or at least to excoriate those who had focused on her daughter. She might have started with a thank you.

He continues:

Just to be clear: I like organizers—if they sign onto the right causes. The best ones are clergy and the religious, who seem to be able to live out their roles as uniters and dividers more comfortably than the rest of us.

This is what I hope most churches understand. Churches operate best when they unite and divide; bringing people together around what might seem too controversial or too divisive or too daunting.



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