63 years ago today…

The column below is a few years old and was written by the The Gaurdian’s Paul Oestreicher. It is well worth reading.

No surprise then, that the incineration of Hiroshima raised no American Christian protest. It might, after all, have ended a terrible war, for hardly anyone then knew that Japan had already made moves to surrender. But Nagasaki three days later? This time there was no excuse. The relentless logic of war was enough reason to kill another hundred thousand.

One thought on “63 years ago today…

  1. Thank you so much for doing this piece on remembering Nagasaki. As people who work for change in the US- it is ever-important for us to remember the many events that have changed and shaped how we view our country, one-another, and ourselves.

    The quote for your blog title is where it’s at.

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