Indy Gets A SuperBowl; Indy’s homeless get donation boxes

Indy got the 2012 Super Bowl! Great for us!

To earn the right to host the big game nearly three years from now, Indy taxpayers first built a $750 million stadium. Then, the corporate community kicked in $25 million for the actual Super Bowl bid.

According to channel 6, “Six of 100 contributors promised $1 million or more to aid Indianapolis’ Super Bowl aspirations. In all, the city reached its goal of $25 million with contributions that ranged from $5,000 to $2.5 million.

Indy’s Homeless Get Donation Boxes!

We residents of central Indiana know how to pony up for sporting arenas. We have built great facilities like Conseco Fieldhouse, Lucus Oil Stadium, and Victory Field. And let’s not forget when we blow up the RCA Dome next year, we will still owe $20 million on it.

Good for us! The economists are skeptics when it comes to the success of publicly financed sports stadiums, but Indy’s downtown has been revitalized because (at least in part) of our sports-based socialism.

Except for the Panhandlers.

Now, if only we could get rid of Indy’s downtown homeless.

Mayor Ballard has a solution–“The reason they stay out there is because we keep giving them money and giving them food. We want them to come in and get the services they need. We need to stop giving them money, then they will come in.”

Panhandlers can be annoying and I know for a fact that I have been scammed out of a few dollars more than a few times. Still, it seems the Mayor’s solution to fighting homelessness is to fight the homeless.

Instead of dropping your change in a cup, the city wants you to drop your change in a box. Five secured boxes–think parking meters–have recently been installed downtown. Next time a homeless dude asks you for a dollar tell them that you gave at the “box.” The money will then be given to agencies who “help” the homeless.

And go on your merry way.

Ending Homelessness Means Ending Poverty

These boxes won’t do anything to help the homeless–they will probably be just as ineffective as giving money to panhandlers.

The city and our corporate leaders made the commitment to turn our smallish city into a world sports capital. And they have done a great job at that. That same commitment needs to made to ending poverty.

That means better schools, living wage jobs, health insurance for all, safe and affordable housing, and opening real avenues of empowerment for the poor and homeless.

We spent the last twenty years spending over two billion dollars making Indy a great sports town, now let’s make our city known for its ability to build a world class city by truly ending homelessness.


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