5 Years too Long

Special Worship Service and Prayer Vigil

Remembering the 5 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War

This Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7:00 PM Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church

237 N. East St., Indianapolis, IN (corner of New York and East Street, downtown)

call me at 317-354-3207 for more info.

Sadly, it is fitting that we will mark the five year anniversary of the Iraq War smack dab in the middle of the Christian Holy Week. As we American Christians prepare to honor and try to understand Jesus’ ultimate confrontation with the [Roman] empire, hopefully we can begin to resist and confront our own participation in the the domination of others.

Cheney and Bush: John Wesley Must Be Throwing up Somewhere in the Great Beyond

As a United Methodist layleader, I am deeply ashamed that two united Methodist men, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, lied and led our nation into this unjust and terrible war.

In doing so, they have greatly pushed our world to the brink. The cost of the war will ultimately be in the trillions. Every day, we spend 275 million dollars on the war. So far, Indiana has spent 7.65 billion dollars on the war. 4,000 US soldiers have been killed and more than 60,000 wounded.

In Iraq, the war has shown no mercy. 700,000 dead Iraqis and 4 million refugees. A half decade after shock and awe, the situation is growing desperate. A recent article entitled “5 years After ‘Iraq Liberation’ There are Worms in the water” will make you cry.

A Special Prayer for Indiana

We in Indiana voted for George Bush by wide margins in both 2000 and 2004. Maybe we just wanted to believe our Christian President. Anyway, the havoc that this war has caused can be felt in real ways here in Indiana.

Frederick Miller, Hagerstown, IN

Frederick Miller, from Hagerstown, IN, was killed in Iraq six months into the war. His mother’s wise words showed up on the backcover of Michael Moore’s follow-up book to Fahrenheit 9-11, “Will They Ever Trust Us Again?

My name is Anne Miller and my son Frederick was killed in Iraq from an improvised explosive device on September 20, 2003.” He was going to be the proud father of a baby boy. He has two girls but he wanted a son in the worst way, but he never got to meet his son.

He believed in protecting his family and this country. He was in the army for 7 years and he got out but after 9/11, he felt he had a job to do so he rejoined. “I miss him so much and President Bush is such a liar. When my son was killed the army would not pay for us to go to his funeral. Several months later they offered to us to fly free to meet with President Bush. No thanks.”Michael, you tell it like it is and I respect you. Thank you and God bless all the other soldiers who are still serving.”

Eric Hall, Jeffersonville

Eric Hall made it back home to Indiana three years ago. He had come home severely injured after living through a bomb blast in Fallujah that killed his best friend. The marine had moved to Florida to try and start over. On Superbowl Sunday, while playing a video game, he had a severe PTSD flashback. This is how one newspaper reported the story:

Family members believe that wounded Iraq war veteran Eric W. Hall, missing since Sunday, may be wandering in the woods, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and under the impression that he is still fighting in Iraq

Eric’s body was found in a drainage ditch last week. On Monday, he was honored in his hometown of Jeffersonville. His parents have asked to send donations to the Semper Fi fund.


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