Will Ferrell, baby Jesus, George W. Bush and the early 21st Century.

Will v. Bill

I saw on ESPN.COM today a video of Will Ferrell playing basketball against TV windbag analyst and basketball legend Bill Walton. In this game of H-O-R-S-E, it was no contest. The comedian killed the Hall of  Famer.  Ferrell swished everything, even making A Larry Bird-esque basket from behind the backboard.

Anyway the whole thing was done to promote Ferrell’s upcoming movie Semi-Pro. But, the clip reminded me of my favorite Will Ferrell moments.   And, then it reminded me of how right-on he is about our society.

To get a better standing of how screwed up we are, you can read the entire Noam Chomsky library or listen to Democracy NOW!, which I reccomend.  Still, great comedy can say more about us and reach way more people in a few minutes than a life time subscription to The Nation or Sojourners,  which I also recommend becoming.

The Gospel According to Ricky Bobby

Anyway, take Talededga Nights. I like Anchor Man and Old School better but the theology in the NASCAR spoof is first rate.

The greatest seminary proffessor cannot sum up America’s prayer life better than “Dad, You made that grace your bitch!” Or take the scene’s christology.   Again,  that little boy sums up our mega-church attitude towards Jesus, “I like to picture Jesus as a Ninja Samari fighting off evil ninjas,” better than the best critic ever could.

Will Farrell and the 2004 election

Will Farrell’s George W. Bush impression is best known for the 2000 “strategery” debate on Saturday Night Live. But his 2004 impression is just as brilliant and even more socially relevant.

The 2004 presidential election was lost for John Kerry in Ohio because of massive voting fraud and disenfranchisment.  For instance, my friend waited in line 10 hours to vote in inner city Columbus while her parents in the suburbs took less than 10 minutes to vote.

The Republican Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell did all he could to counter the massive get out the vote mobilization in working class Ohio. Hence the massive waits in urban Ohio and in traditionally liberal college towns.

The Democratic get out the vote campaign in Ohio and other swing states was run by the 527 America Coming Together. Ferrell helped raise funds for this effort with the video below.

Like Al Gore four years earlier, John Kerry still should have won in 2004, even going up against the once feared evil genius Karl Rove and with with the unconstitutional voting fraud going on . Maybe all Kerry and Gore had to do was make people laugh.

And maybe for those us who want a better, more progressive Christianity, maybe part of what we have to do is make people laugh.


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