Dan Burton: Wish he went after the liars that led us into Iraq like this

Meanwhile back in Indiana:

Family members believe that wounded Iraq war veteran Eric W. Hall, missing since Sunday, may be wandering in the woods, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and under the impression that he is still fighting in Iraq

Hoosier marine Eric Hall, now 24, saw his best friend decapitated and himself nearly blown to pieces three years ago in Iraq. Suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, he vanished into the Florida woods this past weekend while staying with family. According to family, Hall had moved to Florida to start over.

With as many as 1/3 of all returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan are coming home with PTSD, at least Indiana Congressman Dan Burton has his priorities right. Burton, a big cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq and all other grease fires started by George W. Bush, apparently had time today to go after Brian McNamee at the Roger Clemens’ steroids hearing.

He attacked McNamee, Clemens’ former steroid supplying trainer, with such fury that it made national news. (He was mocked by a normally conservative sports radio host on my way into work today). The video can be seen below.

Admittedly steroid dealers don’t have great reputations, but McNamee’s testimony is backed by Clemens’ former Yankee teammates. There is nothing wrong about being tough on somebody who has fudged the truth in the past.

But, I bet Eric Hall’s family and friends now wish Burton had taken that same approach with George W. Bush and the lies that led us into the Iraq disaster. Or at least cared enough to make sure returning vets get all the top quality care they deserve. According to the Jeffersonville newspaper, Hall struggled getting assistance for his medical problems.

For those who might not know, Burton represents the wealthiest, whitest, and most conservative part of Indiana. Check out this salon.com article for a good but highly disturbing read about him.


One thought on “Dan Burton: Wish he went after the liars that led us into Iraq like this

  1. How can anyone be duped into believing that GW Bush was a Christian? He led a life of stealing, alcoholism, lying, fraud, and now he is responsible for the deaths of over 4000 American soldiers, 30,000 wounded, 19 suicides a day from veterans, up to a million dead Iraqis, and he has sold our country to the highest bidder. Bush is NO Christian. He is a fake. But the less-than-bright members of our society were eager to believe Bush was a Christian just because Bush said in a debate in 2000 that his favorite philosopher was Jesus. It is incredible how ignorant, illiterate and just plain dumb most of our country is. I suppose the stupid people who voted for Bush did so because they voted for someone with the same sized brain Bush has, very, very small. Bush can’t read, write or speak on a third graders level most of the time, but republicans look up to him as a visionary, a god. How can the people of Indiana or anywhere believe that Bush is anything but stupid and corrupt? The entire rest of the world knows how stupid and corrupt he is, but at least half of the US population is totally clueless. Bush started his Iraq War based entirely on lies. Bush’s lies killed a million human beings. Compare that to Clinton’s white lie about a sexual matter in which no one was hurt. No one died as a result of Clinton’s lie. But republicans still lap at Bush’s drool like thirsty, mongrel dogs. When will people (republicans) wake up and start to think like Americans instead of just mindlessly voting for their corrupt, and even evil, republican candidates? Republicans mindlessly lapped at Bush’s drool when he blatered on and on about being a ‘compassionate conservative’, and then as soon as he stole the office he holds he declared war against a country which never threatened the United States and had no resources in which to attack Americans. But republicans believed all of Bush’s lies. Bush also said he “trusted the people, not the government”, but even during the 2000 election Bush ran to the courts (the government) to have voting stopped so that he could steal the presidency. And since Bush has been in the office he stole his regime has become the most secretive one in the history of the United States. Bush makes Nixon look like a choir boy. And at least Nixon was intelligent. Bush’s IQ is definitely less than 80, and probably closer to 60. Unfortunately, that IQ level also corresponds to the peoples’ IQs who support him. Wake up people. Stop being slaves to any political party and start to think for yourself, if you can.

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